When Mr. Yao Anane Yager founded A.N.I.S. in 1975, in his hime he did so with two teachers and 10 students, half of which were his own children. An illiterate painting contractor, he had a vision of a place where even the most impoverished children of Accra could receive an education. In 1983, the year of his death, the school moved to it’s present location in the northern edge of Nima, and has now gone on to educate more than 4000 children under the management of Anane’s son Kofi Anane, himself one of the first students.

Nima routinely suffers inadequate provisions of basic facilities housing, water pipes, electricity, and drainage systems. The community continues to accept a large number of migrants, both domestically and internationally, and many of their children attend our school.


The school follows all guidelines stipulated by the Ghana Education Service, and defers to the Togo Ministry of Education for it’s French studies. Subjects taught in both languages include

Integrated General Science
Environmental Studies
Religious and Moral Education
Life Skills
Physical Education
Music and Dance

Microsoft Office Application

Funding and Children in Need

The school waives the fees of many of its students who’s families cannot afford the annual 90 Ghana Cedis (apx. $64). This tuition is the lowest in Accra, and excludes lunch money and school supplies.

Our students are very interested in learning about cultures and abroad, and we are open to setting up “pen pal” exchange programs, as well as inter-school funding and for the time begin we are trying to source funds for the introduction of the microsoft office application to update them with the latest information.